About The Area

Capital of Black Périgord, Sarlat is an exceptionally preserved city. More than 1.000 years of architecture live through lanes, roofs of roofing stones and fair and hot stone walls. Domme is a very attractive bastide town, in one of the best locations possible and is possibly the most beautiful town in the Dordogne. The village of LA ROQUE-GAGEAC is almost too perfect, its ochre-coloured houses sheltering under dramatically overhanging cliffs and is regularly winner of France’s prettiest village contest. In the Middle Ages, Gourdon was an important place, deriving wealth and influence from the presence of four monasteries. Owing to the number of rivers and the local geology the Dordogne has some magnificent cave complexes. You will find two different types: ‘Gouffres’ are underground, whilst ‘Grottes’ are accessed from a rock face. There are spectacular villages built around cliffside troglodyte dwellings. If you buy maps from the local supermarkets you will abundant walking and cycling trails which take you through the rural and picturesque countryside and villages. Canoeing is also extremely popular here and with the river only 5 minutes away canoes and kayaks can be rented for short or long journeys downstream at the end of which you will be brought back to your car by coach. Cycling is also a major activity and bicycles can be hired from St Julien de Lampon which is 5 minutes away and located on the old railway line which joins Sarlat with Souillac and which is set up specifically as a cycle path.